Why I am running

There are certain core principles that sustain my work in the law. My family taught me the value of hard work, dedication to your life’s calling, and perseverance. My teachers taught me the value of critical and independent thought and to recognize that we are citizens of a greater whole with an obligation to improve it with our words, our acts, and our deeds, and to embrace learning as a life-long endeavor with real value. My church taught me the importance of faith, social justice, and charity, and the most influential people in my life taught me that my reach should always exceed my grasp.

As a child in Columbus I was raised in two worlds. Two worlds separated by the Scioto River but connected by a bridge that both literally and figuratively bridged my two worlds. Across that bridge I travelled from a world shared with many friends whose parents had buildings named after them and to a world shared with many friends whose parents worked the third shift at the Fisher Body plant. The daily sacrifices I observed on one side of my bridge had a profound impact on how I valued the advantages provided to me on the other side. To those who much is given, much is expected in return, and that is why I want to return to serve those who live on both sides of my bridge as an appellate judge.


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Former Judge of the 11th District Court of Appeals, is recognized for her distinguished legal knowledge and experience.